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Careers at Centrale Nantes

A world-class engineering school committed to ecological and social transition

Our values


The school's ability to adapt and its willingness to seize opportunities to build an ever-evolving project is an essential principle in the eyes of the school and its stakeholders.


Engineers, like teachers and researchers, have a moral duty to take responsibility for humanity’s future, for social balance through job creation, for the professional well-being of their colleagues, and to help build the community and its social and entrepreneurial fabric.


The school's mission is to train ethical managers who place people at the heart of their thinking.

With its focus on innovation, exploration, entrepreneurship and practical application, the school is at the heart of the 21st century’s major challenges.

Research and training at Centrale Nantes are organised around three major growth and innovation challenges: manufacturing, energy transition and health.

To achieve this, our school:

> has developed a number of tools, including research platforms and an incubator that supports projects to create innovative businesses.

> is supported by a number of industrial and institutional partnerships at European and global level.

*Illustration photo: wave tank at Centrale Nantes